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Serenis Energy Solutions.

Software and hardware development company based in Rotterdam, NL.

Company Serenis focuses on new energy management and efficeincy technologies. We do individual projects and also provide standartised products such as Serenis ESS10. Serenis R&D team has developed a flexible technology that can be impelemented in wide range of domestic and commercial usage.

Issues around energy supply

The current energy supply is confronted with strains on the grid as a result of volatile supply from renewable energy sources. Other issues are the mismatch between the supply and demand curves, the CO2 emissions of fossil-based power plants and the (heavily) centralized energy supply.

Contrary to centralized energy supply, decentral grids can much easily solve capacity problems as a result of grid contrains . Consequently, investments in energy production can be lower. After all, there is no need for building a capacity for maximum supply at a certain moment. A clear example are charging stations along highways for electric cars with capacity problems because of grid constrains.


Serenis offers an innovative technological solution for renewable energy storage. This solution aims at preventing over dimensioning of power grids and facilitating decentral energy supply grids. Serenis combines the latest technological developments in storage solutions into one device. This all-in-one solution – charge controllers, inverter and battery – leads to lower power costs and better self-sufficiency.

Serenis ESS Technology

Weather monitoring

Serenis is connected to the weather forecast to manage energy usage and generation it leads to a maximum efficiency of energy usage.


Can use all sources of energy generation. Connect Serenis to any exisitng PV/WG system.


Exact figures can be given about supply and use by different parties. This smart monitoring system will track energy distribution and consumption and send bills to all parties accordingly.

Backup protection

Serenis ESS stores your energy for backup protection, so when the grid goes down your power stays on. Your system detects outages and automatically recharges with sunlight & wind to keep your appliances running for days.


System software allows to have full control of energy usage as well as monitoring and gathering data on each energy stream.


Capacity can be increased by connecting several systems allowing to balance the energy streams.


Individual project development

Technology requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money.


We provide a full scale solution for small and medium size projects in Power-To-Gas technology.

Hydrogen storage solutions

Hydrogen is one of the leading technologies in energy transition and brings great interest. Serenis R&D has knowledge to support projects development by providing the right technology.

Serenis VPP

Implementing innovative blockchain technology exact figures can be given about supply and use by different parties. This smart monitoring system will track energy distribution and consumption and send bills to all parties accordingly.

Energy Storage Solutions

Serenis battery storage technology can be implemented in wide scale range and varieriaties of solutions.

Complex R&D Solution


Individual project development from early stages to full project deployment.

Professional. Efficient. Flexible.


Serenis team is always open to new cooperation.



1. Caring about ecology.  

We only have One Earth as Our Home

2. Out box mindset.

Learning over knowing

     3. Stability.  

Energy stability is the key factor for economy growth



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